SPI clear-cut near USA Creek, Calaveras county
November 2001

Courtesy LightHawk. Lander WY, and Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch
SPI clear-cutting in Calaveras county.
October 2004
Courtesy LightHawk and Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch
SPI Clear-cuts near Arnold in Calaveras county
September 2004
Courtesy LightHawk. Lander WY, and Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch
SPI clear-cutting along Blue Creek in Calaveras County
September 2004
Courtesy LightHawk. Lander WY, and Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch
SPI's vision for the Sierra Nevada - already well under way.
SPI Clearcuts along Blue Creek near Camp Cuneo.
Courtesy LightHawk. Lander WY, and Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch
One MAN's vision, values and ethics are clear.
Red Emmerson owns 1.5 MILLION ACRES!
Courtesy LightHawk and Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch
Did you know . . ?
o More than one third of the Sierra Nevada is privately owned.

o Clearcutting is still allowed on private timberlands in California, and is now the primary logging methodology used in the Sierra Nevada.

o One private corporation, Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI), owns 1.5 million acresof timberland in the Sierra Nevada and they may planning to clearcut 1 million acres.
Potential Consequences of SPI's Forestry Practices By Jackie Brown Planning and Conservation League August, 2000

o The California State Board of Forestry regulates logging on private lands, but has failed to act to stop this practice.

o Clearcutting destroys the forest, causes soil erosion that pollutes our drinking water, harms fish & wildlife, leaves unsightly scars and makes our forests more vulnerable to wildfires.

o Prior to SPI's get-rich-quick clearcutting, the Sierra Nevada was logged primarily by selection harvesting that maintained clean water, forest structure, and rich habitats.

o There are viable options to clearcutting using sustainable and ecologically sensitive logging methods.
Roseburg's cut on Big Bend Rd in Shasta County.
In 2005 Roseburg waged environmental war on the Pit River region, scraping hundreds of
miles of new road. In this area Roseburg owns and logs the land then Sierra Pacific Industries gets the trees.
Loggers in the area don't like this at all.

Resolutions To Stop Clear-Cutting California
YOU can help to stop massive clearcutting in California . . .

Download a sample resolution to support making clear-cutting illegal in California.

Educate your local organiations, including (but certainly not limited to):

Veterans groups • School Boards • County Supervisors • Womens or Mens Clubs •Animal Rights • Environmental Rights • Clinics • Business Groups and Owners

Ask all your local Native American Tribal Councils for their support, an issue they will know dear to heart. Ask them for a resolution. They meet regularly but you will need to call and get on their agenda. Use this website in preparing you for your meeting. Reports like Herbicide Use by County have hard ugly facts.

Srop Clearcutting California
Box 37
Montgomery Creek California 96065

• Write to Governor Schwarzenegger. Urge him to tell the Board of Forestry to end clearcutting on private forest lands in California. Use the email form on the Governor's web page at:
or write to: Gov. Schwarzenegger State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814

Please copy us on your email at: StopClearcutting@motherlode.sierraclub.org

With wildfires taking so much of our forests, How could we possibly afford to deforest further? The Jones Valley Fire (on the upper right) devestated the region.
30 Sec. PSA (for high rez contact)
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The Rains bring down tons of topsoil to the Pit River
near Big Bend. The Pit River Tribal Council
has signed a resolution in support of making
clear-cutting illegal in California.
A Native Elder witnesses the devestating
changes to their lives.
We Have Not Inherited Earth
From Our Parents
We Are Borrowing Her
From Our Children
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