Klamath-SiskiyoueNews, Issue 84
January 27,2006

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Evidence Against BiscuitLogging Continues to Mount
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Evidence Against BiscuitLogging Continues to Mount

The 2002 Biscuit Fire continues tosit at the center of
a policyfirestorm regarding post-fire recovery and the
management of publiclands. Over the last two weeks,
several developments surfaced regardingthe economic
and ecologicaljustifications for post-fire logging,
including an attempt to censure astudyfrom Oregon
State University

The peer reviewed study that appeared in theJanuary
issue of the prestigious journal Science indicates
thatlogging large trees at Biscuithindered forest
regeneration and increased fire risk. Professors at
theOSU School of Forestry made attempts tocensure the
research, asking Science to not publish the
study'sresults. Fortunately, the journal's top editor
said there was no chancethe research would be
suppressed. These actions have sparked intenseconcern
about academicfreedom and have possibly damaged the
reputation ofOSU. Additionally, a report was released
this month citing thattaxpayers lost at least $9
million at Biscuit.

As more and more science becomes available citing that
the Biscuitproject did not help the ecology of the
forest, or the economy of thelocal communities,
citizens are left to wonder why the Forest
Servicemoved forward with the project. The former
Forest Service lead plannerfor Biscuit was recently
interviewed in the Eugene Weekly and the32-year Forest
Service veteran offered some answers.

This new information is greatfodderfor Letters to the
Editor of your local newspaper advocating that
ourCongressional Representatives vote against Rep.
Greg Walden and SenatorGordon Smith's misguided bills
in Congress. Rep. Walden and Sen. Smithuse highly
questionable logic in their proposal to weaken
environmentallaws and publicparticipation while
mandating logging after natural events.

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